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If you have some questions, we understand. Have a look at our frequently asked questions and click to view our replies. If you don’t find the answer below, do contact us.

Hearty Living is both a website and an app, that helps one to assess their current customised Constitution, and to access the information required to adjust their lifestyle to maximum wellness.

There are 3 ways in which you can ascertain the correct treatment for yourself.

We highly recommend taking our streamlined questionnaire to find your individual customised Constitution. To take the short 5-minute test, proceed here.

If you have some immediate minor issue that you might wish to look into, click here . If you’re just curious about our menu, check out the Menu section

If you would like read about all 9 Constitution types and self-prescribe based on symptoms, you can visit that section .directly here

The questionnaire has been designed to reliably ascertain your constitution through a series of carefully crafted questions. This will then help us to customise lifestyle and diet recommendations to let you attain a Balanced Constitution.

Once you have started the questionnaire, go through the 60 questions without overthinking them. This should take you only about 5 minutes. You will then be presented with your current Constitution, including any tendencies if any.

We advise taking this every 6 months to update your Constitution, hopefully with improvements!

You can proceed directly to read about the 9 Constitutions to find out which fits you, or go through the recommendations to apply some advice based on your current state, although in this case, the diet and menu recommendations will not be filtered to your Constitution type.

Yes, we will store some details, along with your Constitution state for your reference during subsequent logins.

We store only the essential details to identify each user, as well as to update you on the latest meals that are available if you so choose.

Yes, your information will be stored in our secure servers and be kept confidential.

No, we will never sell your information to any other 3rd party organisation or business other than
the ones we operate.

We are based in Singapore.

Hearty Living was created to give easy access to people who are curious about their health Constitution based on TCM, and to give them ways to adopt healthy lifestyles, diets, and an easy way to eat healthily.

With a history of over 2,000 years, TCM remains the bedrock to Chinese healing and medicine.This holistic therapy is not only about healing an ailment when it occurs, but incorporates multiple modules that imbues one with a robust constitution, for health and longevity.

These can include acupressure, acupuncture, Taiji , Qigong , beauty products, various forms of massage, to name a few. One can achieve a good quality of life through these reinforcements, by identifying their Constitution from both a mental and physical perspective, and delivering the right approach via the knowledge of our ancestors.

To read more about TCM, head over here .

One of the key component in TCM, is diet.

TCM sees nutrition as a key component to the Constitutions that one is in. Everyone is different and reacts differently to food, so we need to apply the correct diet to help anyone achieve the Balanced Constitution.

Constitution is the health state of the individual. In TCM, this is divided into 9 different forms.

Each of us will fall under 1 of 9 Constitutions. Only the Balance Constitution is desirable.

Yes, definitely. The period depends on the state, but with determination, they can be changed.

We provide recommendations on lifestyle and diet choices that can steer you towards the Balanced Constitution. You may also include our meal recommendations created from over 1,000 combinations.

Remember to check your Constitution with our questionnaire every 6 months to see if there’s any changes.

You can start by identifying your Constitution through our questionnaire, available on our Hearty Living app. Or read more at our various sections and apply our recommendations, or pick from our meals to start applying the methods immediately for your Constitution, or as a remedy.

Give it a try because there’s no harm! Apply some patience, and once you see your well-being improve, you just might reconsider your initial impression.

Let us prepare them for you! Or even order meals from us to enjoy a fuss-free diet plan with just a few clicks.

We have created meals filtered with our knowledge of over 1,000 clashing and complementary combinations to create the desired effect for your Constitution.

We are planning for this and will announce this on our site when it’s ready.

If you have any serious ailments, it is best to consult with your professional doctor. We are not
meant to be a substitute as we focus on illness prevention, and not directed at curative