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After identifying your constitution type, you will be offered a personalised menu. Our carefully crafted recipes have been curated to validate not only their benefits, but for their combined efficiency. These not only help individually, but with our combination, also multiply their gain.

We have incorporated 1,000 food and herbal items, and designed them to steer away from clashes, and provide maximum value.

We hope you can try cooking these recommended dishes to start your journey to a Healthy constitution. Alternatively, we can provide avenues to have someone prepare and deliver your calibrated meals to you.

Whichever option, we are excited to have shared this information with you. We are delighted to have you take part in this path to Hearty Living.

Other Methods


If you are looking to apply something for an ailment or to improve a function, check out this section. 

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If you would like read about all 9 Constitution types and self-prescribe based on the listed symptoms, have a look at this section.

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In this day and age, some wisdom endures. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) continues to be a cornerstone of healthy living, especially when it comes to a holistic concept involving nutritional lifestyle.

But too often, one finds themself confused by the plethora of information out there. Social media and multiple sources give varying advice - sometimes even conflicting - and obscures the real nature of the timeless teachings.

Hearty Living was created to make this information both accessible and accurate, and to allow anyone to integrate TCM easily into their routine.