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About Treatments

Like the 4 seasons, TCM regards each food ingredient to have a particular nature (四性, Si Xing) which results in a certain bias in characteristic. These are known as: cool, cold, warm, hot,or neutral.

We use this principle to adjust our own Constitution.

Even though our daily food with a certain bias tends to have a relatively low influence, it is common for people to favour or over-indulge in our favourite food, or even enjoy groups of food in a certain bias. This is what causes an imbalance and moves us from the Suppressed zone, into the Unhealthy, and why we always recommend to eat with a rotation of wide-variety for a Healthy Constitution.

The medicine in TCM comes from thousands of year’s worth of accumulated experience, in identifying particular herbs with a high bias impact. Through further preparation, the efficacy of the medicine is enhanced, and so a small quantity or short-term dosage will effectively cause a reaction in the body.

A curative meal (药膳) is TCM’s way of combining our daily food with medicinal herbs, in a bid to shift or maintain us towards the Healthy Constitution with “extraordinary” dishes. The herbs work not only to boost the bias of each meal, but also elevate the taste.

Curative meals work to balance the yin-yang, condition the organs, and to support the Upright Energy (Zheng Qi) to improve the body’s resistance to external diseases (Xie Qi). This methodology not only heals the imbalances, but acts as barriers to future diseases.

With urban trends and settings providing a limitless buffet of overindulgence, one can easily tilt
their Constitution into the Unhealthy range. This is why Hearty Living provides diagnosis,
information, and solution to enable everyone to have a Healthy Constitution.