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About Constitutions

We all have a natural and evolved Constitution. One is inborn, and the other changes with our diet and lifestyle. We all have a unique signature Constitution, much like a fingerprint, and this was given at birth from a combination of our parents’ energies, or what the ancient doctors like to call “Pre-Heaven Essence”.

This may embody some people with an almost infallible healthy showing, while others fall ill easily at the drop of a hat. Everyone may blame either their their environment, stress, lack of rest and more, for falling sick, but it is rather a sign that their Constitution has been suffering from a combination of extreme prolonged imbalance.

So while “Pre-Heaven Essence” cannot be changed, our lifestyle habits, and more importantly diet, affects our “Post-Heaven Essence”. Because the stomach and spleen are responsible for digestion, transforming it to food essences and carrying them around the body as Qi, it is vital to consume the right food to produce “Post-Heaven Essence”. This contributes to constitutional strength, and augurs a person’s path to a Healthy Constitution.

It is because of this that we have defined 9 types of Constitutions, with 9 different recommendations to improve them.

Hearty Living was created to help you accurately determine your customised Constitution, through a series of answers analysed from our questionnaire.

We recommend checking in every 6 months, to factor in environmental, emotional and mental changes, as your Constitution may get better or worse with your diet.