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The Team

Modern lifestyle and science has progressed like never before, and yet at the same time, the options have also expanded - sometimes beyond proper understanding.

As foodies ourselves, we recognise this in the meals we eat. And with more urban folks discovering their own responsibility to good health lying in nutrition, it has become even more vital to have accurate and customised advice.

This is why we have spent hundreds of hours developing this app, collating more than 2,000 years of therapy theory, and melding the science of medicine, into one easy-to-use platform.

Actual practitioners of TCM ourselves, we have created Hearty Living in the hopes to deliver the key to a restorative and healthy life to everyone. No exceptions. This even includes an option for you to have us prepare reliable and healthy quality meals at the end of an assessment.

Our bid is to not only bring you the best meals your body is really craving for, but life-changing information and tips that can really achieve Hearty Living.