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With a history of over 2,000 years, TCM remains the bedrock to Chinese healing and medicine.This holistic therapy is not only about healing an ailment when it occurs, but incorporates multiple modules that imbues one with a robust constitution, for health and longevity.

These can include acupressure, acupuncture, Taiji , Qigong , beauty products, various forms of massage, to name a few. One can achieve a good quality of life through these reinforcements, by identifying their Constitution from both a mental and physical perspective, and delivering the right approach via the knowledge of our ancestors.

One of the key component in TCM, is diet.

A famous ancient doctor (孙思邈, Sun Si Jun) once proclaimed that it is imperative to know what food is suitable for oneself, in order to enjoy good health and longevity. Chinese food therapy is an evolving one. It’s not only about combining traditional medicine concepts into one’s diet, but also including modern nutritional concepts and cooking methods to fire up dishes that can prevent or treat illnesses.

This system extends beyond the “heaty” and “cooling” categorisation that one may be familiar with. This is an in-depth prescriptive formula that contains nuances that requires tailoring to the individual.

Each of us belongs to one of the following category:

Unhealthy - a small percentage who is suffering from one or more ailments.

Suppressed - the majority of the population who can be easily triggered into the Unhealthy zone when their lives get unbalanced.

TCM dispenses preventative and curative formulas to each of the above group, to shift them all towards the Healthy range.